Recently, the clothing maker Zara has been in the news for creating a concentration camp like outfit for children. They claim they made it look like a sheriff but removed the item anyway due to the uproar. Frankly, I dont believe it was antisemitic. I think all artists and designers can have trouble recalling where and how they were influenced in their creations, and sometimes step over the line into pure copying. Zara REALLY chose the wrong look to copy!

Many children’s clothing makers have stepped over the bounds of good clothing for children and this has been going on for quite some time now. Parents have two options: shell out megabucks for nice outfits sure to be stained on their first wear, or search among the reasonable price stuff for anything decent.

I certainly dont expect the entire world to uphold our modesty rules. But why, oh why, would anyone buy short shorts for a 10 yr old girl, nasty expression t shirts for a 5 yr old boy, or skull and crossbones shirts for a baby? Do these products sell? Are  parents in such a hurry to end the innocent and cute years and race into the obnoxious rebellious years? I think we can all agree little girls look beautiful in pastels and florals and little boys look handsome in polos and pants. Why all the experimentation to see if children will still look cute in ugly outfits?

Im thankful for uniforms!


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