Aggressive: Greene was ordered out of his car at gunpoint after he was pulled over for driving erratically

A Las Vegas police officer is being  investigated by a federal grand jury after he kicked a man in diabetic shock  five times in the head during a traffic stop, it was revealed  today.

Henderson police sergeant Brett Seekatz was  caught on dashboard camera beating Adam Greene after he was dragged from his  car in the controversial 2010 incident.

In the video, Greene was stopped by officers  who said they thought he was driving drunk. The diabetic was in fact suffering  from severe hyperglycemia while on his way to work.

The man is shown to be unresponsive when an  officer walks up to him, cursing, and kicks him in the head.

He is then kneed in the ribs by other  officers as he screams out in pain.

Aggressive: Greene was ordered out of his car at gunpoint after he was pulled over for driving erratically

Paramedics arrived on the scene and Greene  was treated for low blood sugar. He was later treated for fractured ribs and  bruises all over his body including his face and scalp.

In February, Greene was awarded a $292,500  settlement in the beating case.

Seekatz was ‘disciplined’ at the time,  according to a Henderson police department statement, but was not suspended from  duty or demoted.

However, it was revealed Tuesday that a grand  jury has been hearing evidence for months about the incident.

Grand jury sessions are secret, and it is  unknown what, if any, charges federal prosecutors are seeking against Seekatz,  according to the Las Vegas  Review-Journal.

The newspaper reported that the federal  investigation was referenced in an email from Las Vegas Police Protective  Association director Chris Collins to the union’s nearly 3,000 members last  week.

In the note, Collins outlined recent changes  in the department’s use-of-force hearings. He also advised officers not to  testify if subpoenaed to appear, mentioning a federal investigation stemming  from a ‘high-profile arrest.’

‘It has come to my attention that the local  U.S. Attorney working with Department of Justice Civil Rights prosecutors, has  been investigating another department’s officer for alleged criminal conduct  arising out of a high-profile arrest,’ Collins wrote, according to the  LVRJ.

The federal authorities regularly review  officer-related use-of-force incidents for ‘potential civil rights violations.  The risk that you may be investigated by another law enforcement agency is real  and substantial,’ Collins wrote.

He told the Review Journal on Monday that he  wasn’t aware of the grand jury investigation and a spokesman for the U.S.  Attorney’s office said she could not confirm or deny it.

Greene’s former lawyer said the man had not  yet been subpoenaed to testify in any grand jury proceedings.


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