DRS administrators visited every senior and delivered graduation lawn signs and muffins.


The Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School is proud to announce Josh Brafman as its valedictorian, Ilan Frenkel as salutatorian, and AJ Bennet as Keter Shem Tov winner.

DRS valedictorian Josh Brafman

Josh Brafman: Valedictorian.

Josh is the quintessential paradigm of humility, selflessness, intellectual curiosity, inquisitive thought, expressive writing, and at the same time just one of the guys.

His résumé includes impressive academic accolades, but most importantly he shines with a spirit of volunteerism, constantly looking to assist others. Josh founded peer tutoring in the most challenging subjects and is always eager to extend himself to anyone in need.

Yeshivat Har Etzion is fortunate that Josh will have the opportunity to continue his exceptional growth in their beit midrash next year.

DRS salutatorian Ilan Frenkel

Ilan Frenkel: Salutatorian.

Ilan has managed to accomplish an incredible amount over the past four years at DRS in the areas of academics, athletics, creativity, and service.

He is an exceptional student, determined to achieve on the highest levels. In one year, Ilan managed to play a starring role in the DRS production, run in the Jerusalem marathon, and lead the varsity hockey team.

His volunteer work, serving as a counselor in an Israeli foster home, is equally inspiring. As a true Renaissance Man, Ilan does it all with seeming ease and grace, which he will, no doubt, continue next year at Yeshivat Hakotel.

DRS Keter Shem Tov AJ Bennet

AJ Bennet: Keter Shem Tov.

AJ is a born leader and role model. He distinguishes himself on the court, in the beit midrash, and in the classroom as a mensch whose values, work ethic, and middot are always the most important part of his game.

AJ was chosen by his classmates as the Keter Shem Tov awardee, a crown he wears with responsibility and grace. DRS is confident that Yeshivat Shaalvim will benefit from AJ’s leadership and presence next year.


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