The Student Activities department at DRS works hard to meet the needs of the students. To that end, when students come up with a great idea, the school lets them run with it.

This year, DRS Live, the yeshiva’s student-run broadcasting network, has taken a tremendous leap in professionalism under the leadership of senior Simcha Sommer. Thanks to the generosity of the Parent Council, the broadcasting team has purchased new equipment and added additional features to its repertoire. Hockey and basketball games are now streamed on in high definition, featuring instant replay capabilities. Broadcasts now also include in-depth pre- and post-game analyses and interviews. In addition, the team posts highlight videos and game recaps on the website to keep fans in the loop.

A fresh staff of student broadcasters, cameramen, and technical coordinators has joined the squad, keeping the production running efficiently. Additionally, sophomore Binyamin Klein has developed an app that enhances the broadcast, enabling viewers to see the clock and score at all times during the broadcast. The app will also allow viewers to see advertisements throughout the broadcast, and DRS Live is actively looking for advertisers and sponsors. For more information, e-mail

When the game is on the line, it’s online at!


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