On April 16, Jews around the world celebrated the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. Because of the many freedoms we have in America, it is more difficult to make people understand the true importance of our home in the Middle East. The Yom HaAtzmaut program at DRS High School taught students the value of Israel’s existence. The DRS senior class prepared engaging and interactive presentations for the entire school. They spoke about the chesed Israel’s army provides to all Jews. They educated students about the history, topography, and culture of our land. They informed students about Israel’s thriving existence as a start-up nation. Finally, they enlightened the school about the immense opportunities there are to learn Torah in the land of Israel. This was a production created by the students for the students. As a result, the day inspired many more to listen and learn about Israel’s independence.

Followed by the presentations, the students were invited to the dining room to eat blue and white cupcakes and to partake in a kumzitz that was filled with singing and dancing to celebrate the freedom of our land. The atmosphere created by the students and the faculty made Yom HaAtzmaut an unforgettable and inspiring day for the entire yeshiva. The yeshiva’s colors transformed from green and white to blue and white. v


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