z7This Wednesday, to mark Yom Yerushalayim, the students of DRS received the tremendous privilege of hosting and hearing from Mr. Yoni Bleichbard, the chief of security for the holy town of Hebron. Yoni coordinates all of the security details in Hebron, including the EMT service, special forces, and security checkpoints in the town.

Yoni explained to the students that for two years straight, he and his family were living under constant fire on their home, day and night. With the help of an incredible powerful PowerPoint presentation, Yoni gave the students a detailed account of a terrorist plot that occurred in Hebron almost 10 years ago. As he was sitting down to the Friday-night Shabbos meal with his wife at home, three terrorists opened fire on the town of Hebron, and engaged in a heated crossfire with Hebron soldiers. Many died that day, and Yoni’s participation in the crossfire helped bring down the terrorists, and ultimately restored safety back to the residents on that Shabbos.

Yoni showed the students a video from a drone that was flying over the city as the attack was going on. As Yoni explained, on that day “all gave some, but some gave all.” Many of his colleagues died that day, as they protected our land. Yoni’s story gave the students a newfound appreciation for those who risk their lives every day on behalf of the State of Israel. We continue to pray every day for their ongoing safety, and look forward to a day when we can join them together in Hebron and Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh. v


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