DRS Color War

Students excitedly participated in the DRS Fifth Color War competition. There were plenty of activities in this grade vs. grade competition, each displaying the great creative talents of the students. The events began with intense games of Musical Chairs and Simon Says, which came down to the wire. During the Color War Chidon, students were tested on hilchos Purim and the themes of this year’s event: The Four Holy Cities of Israel. Throughout the day, students participated in skills competitions, Iron Chef, Yarn Hunt, Volleyball, Frisbee, and a variety of other miscellaneous activities. At the end of the day, exciting closing ceremonies included a comedy video, talent competition, theme presentations, and STOMP! The leadership, teamwork, and spirit were evident throughout the school. Congratulations to the Junior Grade on their narrow victory and special thanks to Rabbi Farber and Rabbi Brazil for putting it all together! 


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