The past few months have certainly been challenging for our brothers and sisters living in EretzYisrael. In America, our thoughts and prayers are constantly focused on those living there. It is often difficult, however, to feel the sense of pain and danger facing our relatives abroad. To that end, the DRS Yeshiva High School is running programs all month to help its students become more sensitive to the situation in Israel.

Last Thursday, DRS students had the privilege of welcoming Mr. Uri Yifrach in their beit midrash. Mr. Yifrach is the father of Eyal Yifrach, H’yd, one of the three teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered this past summer. Mr. Yifrach, a true man of emunah, related some of his feelings that he experienced throughout those terrible 18 days during which the entire KlalYisrael was waiting with bated breath to hear about the status of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali. Mr. Yifrach spoke of the incredible nechamah that he and his family experienced by witnessing the tremendous sense of achdut that was displayed by Jews all over the globe.

On Friday, Rabbi Moshe Taragin, rosh mesivta at Yeshivat Har Etzion, shared a video made by close friends of the three boys, relating their feelings and experiences of this past summer. Next week, a delegation of 12 IDF soldiers are to visit the school to share their personal stories of faith and strength from this past summer’s war. Finally, on December 25, at the school’s annual father—son learning program, fathers and sons will view the critically acclaimed documentary Beneath the Helmet, a coming-of-age story following the lives of five Israeli soldiers from high school to the front lines. May our continued commitment to our friends and relatives in Israel help bring a speedy end to this situation.


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