DRS - Reunion
An executive at Bloomberg; the assistant rabbi at Lincoln Square Synagogue; the founder of a private computer business. These are just some of the positions held by members of DRS’s Class of 2004 who celebrated their 10-year reunion at the school’s beautiful building in Woodmere. One of the hallmarks of DRS is its deep commitment to keeping in touch with its alumni base. At DRS, one’s relationship with his school lasts well beyond the four years of high school. DRS holds a 10-year reunion for every grade that passes through its halls. Last motzaeiShabbos, alumni from the school’s fourth graduating class were reacquainted with old friends, rebbeim, and teachers, enjoyed a melavehmalkah dinner, and were entertained by a Class of 2004 trivia game. DRS Menahel Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky addressed the crowd of former students, urging them to keep in touch, and stressing the fact that their former rebbeim are always there for them, no matter when. Associate Principal Rabbi Elly Storch also urged the alumni, “Please continue to use us for guidance. It is what we love to do.”


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