This past Sunday, DRS held its fifth annual Nidivei Lev Service Society Induction Ceremony. This special ceremony recognizes those DRS students that have shown exemplary service to their community and school through extraordinary acts of chesed and kindness. The ceremony honored members of the senior class who have served their school and larger community with great distinction. The ceremony was attended by the entire student body, as well as faculty and parents. Rabbi Hershel Billet, marad’asra of the Young Israel of Woodmere, served as the keynote speaker, and he praised the students on their commitment to serving others. Sunday was also Yom Yerushalayim, and Rabbi Billet, a renowned advocate for many organizations in Israel, spoke about the focus of chesed in Israel.

The students were given awards by the directors and founders of many of the organizations that were the beneficiaries of the great chesed. Rabbi Zeidel, director of student services/administrator at Kulanu, presented an award to Daniel Aharon for volunteer work with the organization. Rabbi Storch acknowledged the hard work and tremendous efforts that Matthew Haller exerts in publishing DRS’s weekly Torah publication, the D’varim HaYotzim Min HaLev. Mr. Andy Lauber of Chai Lifeline’s iShine program for siblings and children of those fighting cancer commended Moshe Keller and Jason Selesny on their exemplary leadership and selflessness in working with the children on the program. Woodmere resident Mr. Feivy Fuchs extended his deep appreciation to Andrew Zucker, Yaakov Kaminetsky, Eli Goldberg, Jacob Neiman, Maury Rosenfeld, Yaakov Schneider, and Daniel Kimmel for helping him put on his tefillin every day, and wheeling him to shul on the weekends. Mr. Orlofsky honored Yaakov Kaminetsky, who tutored his son for four years. Gideon Kadry was commended for his “medical clown” work with the Lev Leytzan organization. Finally, Pinny Kwestel, Ari Brandspeigel, Yosef Naiman, and Yoni Goldberg were noticed for their work in Yachad’s Youth Leadership Division.

DRS Menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky noted that all of the participants and guests were profoundly moved by the event. “Having the beneficiaries of our students’ chesed programs here today has shown all of our students that when they give of themselves, they can absolutely change another person’s life.” Rabbi Kaminetsky began the program by thanking DRS director of student activities Rabbi Eli Brazil, who coordinates all of the chesed activities that happen in DRS. Rabbi Brazil noted, “This program is important not only because it gives recognition to those have who have devoted their energy to helping others, but it also serves as an inspiration for our younger students to hopefully follow in the footsteps of these student leaders in giving back to the community.”


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