q6Last Shabbat, DRS was thrilled to host the first ever DRS/Yachad Shabbaton. Yachad is the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, an outstanding organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. Over 130 participants, including DRS students and about 50 Yachad members and advisors, took part in this wonderful Shabbat. On Friday night, after an uplifting davening with singing and dancing led by DRS menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky, and some icebreaker games, everyone went to the dining room for a delicious meal. At the meal, beautiful zemirot were sung, and lively dancing followed. The night ended with a tisch led by Rabbi Kaminetsky, who incorporated both Yachad and DRS-themed songs. In the morning, after davening and a Kiddush, DRS students and Yachad members enjoyed learning sessions together. Question topics included the parashah, Purim, the organization of Yachad, and the Five Towns. Following that, lunch was served and there was more dancing for both DRS students and friends from Yachad. After lunch, there were optional games at DRS and an oneg at Yachad member J.J. Goldstein’s house. Shabbat concluded with more singing at an inspiring shalosh seudos and Havdalah. After Shabbat, everyone enjoyed a sports activity in the DRS gym. Overall, the Shabbaton was a fantastic experience, and it was nice to see the great camaraderie between all participants. Everyone worked in unison to create an unforgettable Shabbat! v



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