Starting high school can be a scary and nervous experience, but not for DRS’s incoming 9th-graders! Last Sunday, the incoming DRS Class of 2017 got together for a special day known as Yom Achdut. The incoming class of 83 students met with DRS menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky, general-studies principal Dr. Kirshenbaum, and other administrators at DRS. Rabbi Kaminetsky opened the program with a short shiur focused on the theme of achdut– a theme which DRS was founded upon. Rabbi Kaminetsky stressed the fact that the new students were now one family, regardless of what elementary school they may have come from. Dr. Kirshenbaum gave advice on how to enjoy high school while also taking advantage of the rigorous curriculum that DRS is known for. The students were then treated to ice-cream sundaes and were divided into groups for a unique egg-drop competition. Each team was given a raw egg and several materials. With the materials, the students were challenged to construct a contraption that would keep an egg from cracking when dropped from the DRS roof. The winning team of students each received gift cards to Dunkin’ Donuts, a popular DRS student hotspot. By the end of the day, many new friendships were forged and the students felt excited to begin their high-school career in DRS next year. v


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