8For the second year in a row, DRS has offered its students a course in Mandarin–a language used throughout most of northern and southwestern China. As more U.S. businesses become involved and associated with businesses in China, many in the business world find it beneficial to learn this Chinese language to better converse with their overseas partners. As many DRS students display interest in the field of business, DRS thought it was important to offer this course, which has proven to be successful and enjoyable.

This week, Ms. Sissy Yan, DRS’s Mandarin teacher, took her students to dinner at Cho-Sen Island, the longtime Five Towns Chinese restaurant. However, this meal was probably unlike most meals you have had there. Ms. Yan instructed the waiters and managers of Cho-Sen Island to speak only in Mandarin to the students. This was an example of experiential learning at its best.

This is just one of example of DRS’s commitment to broadening its secular curriculum, and creating courses that best fit our students’ needs and interests. v


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