STEM and Robotics. DRS High School is proud to offer a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course to its students. The STEM approach to education expands current teaching models for science and math, by incorporating technology and engineering concepts into standardized instruction. The demand for jobs in America that require STEM skills continues to grow. The mission of the STEM course at DRS is to help students realize their potential for success in future engineering or technology careers by supporting their exploration of STEM-related fields and by encouraging the development of 21st-century skills.

The course provides students the opportunity to develop relationships within teams to solve problems and develop leadership skills. The course not only improves the academic component of the students’ lives, but also provides valuable life lessons that can be applied to solve tomorrow’s problems in the real world. STEM students will utilize advanced technology and equipment to investigate a wide variety of fields, such as robotics, biotechnology, assistive technologies, structural engineering, biomechanical engineering, computer science, and more. Students will get a chance to interact with professional scientists and engineers.

Students also develop their STEM skills by attending the new robotics course. Using the LEGO NXT robot system, students meet in pairs and learn to solve challenges prepared for them by Mr. David Mark, who also serves as the DRS AP psychology teacher. A vital part of any difficult task is learning to work as a team and deal with those in our immediate work environment. This class stresses the importance of perseverance, out-of-the-box thinking, and collaboration.

Father-Son Yom Iyun. On Tuesday last week, DRS held its annual father-son yom iyun, “Maintaining Healthy Relationships in Modern Times.” The program focused on various relationships that the students encounter in their lives. DRS menahel Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetzky delivered a message to fathers and sons about the importance of kibbud av v’em, and the tremendous focus that Judaism places on the relationship between parents and children. After a delicious breakfast, students and fathers had the opportunity to choose from a long list of shiurim, delivered by DRS rebbeim. Topics included honoring one’s grandparents, the shidduch crisis, 10 Torah secrets to a healthy marriage, parameters and limits of kibbud av v’em, teenage relationships between boys and girls, developing a relationship with oneself, and peer pressure. Students and fathers were then treated to a special presentation by ORA, the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, in relation to Masechet Gittin, which the students are learning this year. ORA expressed the pressing need for Jews to help agunot. DRS thanks the sponsors for the event, as well as all the fathers who gave of their time to learn with their sons on New Year’s Day. v


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