DRS Scholarship Winners
DRS Scholarship Winners
DRS Scholarship Winners

DRS wishes a tremendous mazal tov to a number of seniors who have received large college scholarships, and have been accepted to various honors programs. Six seniors have received a maximum scholarship to Yeshiva University. YU has awarded Yitzie Scheinman, Moshe Spirn, Ariel Axelrod, Uri Himmelstein, Moshe Lonner, and Aryeh Kaminetsky this scholarship due to their academic excellence, their hard work, and the determination that they have shown throughout their high school careers.

DRS would also like to congratulate senior Adam Mann on his early-decision acceptance to Columbia University. In addition, Ariel Sacknovitz, Azriel Teitelbaum, and Matty Rindenow have been accepted to YU’s honors program. Noam Katz received a presidential scholarship to SUNY Albany, and Tzachi Gordon received a presidential scholarship to Hofstra University and was admitted to the honors program. v

DRS Holds First Career Fair For Juniors

And Seniors

DRS is not only interested in the education of its students during high school, but also cares greatly about its students’ futures. To that end, DRS held an exciting career fair for all eleventh- and twelfth-graders. The goal of the program was to present an array of career options to DRS students in an organized and informative way.

The program began with an address from Mr. Phil Rosen, a successful corporate partner at Weils, Gotshal, & Manges, and a well-known community activist in the Five Towns. Mr. Rosen spoke about his “rules and guidelines” for being successful, and about what it is like to be a Jew working in a secular workplace, and stressed the importance of making a Kiddush Hashem whenever possible. Following the address, Rabbi Kaminetsky delivered a short shiur on the Torah’s perspective on earning a parnassah.

Finally, students split up into different rooms to hear about specific professions of their choice. Presenters spoke about how they reached where they are today and about the positive aspects and difficulties of their fields. The various presenters, mostly consisting of DRS parents, included professionals who have achieved much success in the fields of medicine, dentistry, law, finance, accounting, rabbanus, computers, politics, real estate, Jewish communal work, psychology, and catering. v


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