L—R: DRS menahel Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, Alex Selesny, Yaakov Hawk, Josh Kaufman, Aryeh Helfgott, Yosef Madowicz, Shmuli Reichman, Hillel Field, Eitan Lipsky, Meir Zeidman, DRS college guidance director Madeline Rosenberg, and principal Dr. Gerald Kirshenbaum

DRS congratulates senior Meir Zeidman, who was accepted into Columbia University during the early-decision application period. Also congratulations to seniors Hillel Field and Eitan Lipsky on receiving full four-year scholarships to Yeshiva University, as well as seniors Shmuli Reichman, Alex Selesny, Yaakov Hawk, Aryeh Helfgott, Josh Kaufman, and Yosef Madowicz on receiving major scholarships, amounting to close to a million dollars, for YU’s honors program.

These students represent the strength of DRS, which encourages and fosters individual creativity as well as research and leadership opportunities. All DRS students have the opportunity to select college-level coursework beginning in 10th grade, thereby demonstrating their ability to perform and succeed in college. There are approximately 15 Advanced Placement courses offered at DRS and 9 honors classes. The school has numerous clubs, allowing students to express their interests and create new ones. DRS looks forward to watching their students’ achievements and successes over their high-school careers and beyond! v


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