Miriam Peretz at DRS
Miriam Peretz at DRS
Miriam Peretz at DRS

Last week, the DRS student body was privileged to hear from Miriam Peretz, a courageous and inspiring woman. Mrs. Peretz is known throughout Eretz Yisrael as the “Ima shel Tzahal,” “The Mother of the IDF.” Two of Mrs. Peretz’s children, Uriel and Eliraz, died while serving their country in the Israeli army. Miriam’s eldest son, Uriel, died while fighting in the Israeli-Lebanese Conflict of 1998. Major Eliraz Peretz died in 2010 in Gaza.

The packed DRS beit midrash was absolutely silent as Mrs. Peretz inspired the students by speaking about the strength it takes for her to continue living her daily life, and about her constant emunah that all Hashem does is for the best. During her impassioned speech, Mrs. Peretz exclaimed that she “loves Hashem more and more every day. I recite the ‘Vezakeini prayer’ on behalf of my children every Shabbat, and I could easily ask ‘why me?’ While there is no answer to this question, I draw strength from knowing that Hashem is with me all the time.”

Mrs. Peretz concluded, “I am not broken. You can never break the spirit of the Bnei Yisrael.” v

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