The victorious DRS Wildcats
The victorious DRS Wildcats
The victorious DRS Wildcats

By Judah Rhine

The DRS Wildcats defeated both North Shore and host HAFTR on Sunday to win the 2015 HAFTR invitational Scott Satran Memorial Basketball Tournament Tier 1 championship. This four-day tournament in memory of Scott Satran had eight teams participating in four days of basketball and a wonderful Shabbos program of davening, meals, friendship, and Torah. Joey Hoenig, athletic director of HAFTR, organized this outstanding tournament.

Sunday afternoon’s semifinal was a nail-biter with DRS edging North Shore 37—32 in overtime. High scorer Gabriel Leifer (18 points) scored on a drive to the hoop to give DRS the lead in OT. After a North Shore miss, Yoav Deutsch made a clutch long-range 3 and the solid DRS defense took it from there. High scorer for North Shore was all-star selection Cody Cohen with 19 points.

In the evening championship game, Tournament MVP Gabriel Leifer dominated both ends of the court and poured in a game and season high 31 points, setting the pace for DRS’s 56—47 victory over host HAFTR. The DRS backcourt duo of Yoav Deutsch (11 points) and Jeremy Brody (7 points) did a great job handling HAFTR’s defensive pressure and were selected to the tournament All-Star team along with Abie Perlow, who led HAFTR with 20 points. Gabriel Leifer was named the Tournament MVP.

In the Tier 2 Championship, Yeshiva of Waterbury defeated YDE.

JV Update

SAR JV Boys Basketball beat Heschel, 60—44, raising its record to 7—1. Led by Daniel Wisotsky’s 22 points and Dovie Marcus’s 11, the Sting were up 5 at the half and went on a 21—9 run in the third to extend the lead. SAR rotated between zone, box-and-one, and man-to-man defenses, and Adam Duitz and Hank Stein were particularly star-worthy on the box-and-one defense.

SAR JV Boys Basketball beat Heschel tonight, 40—30, raising its record to 8—1. SAR was led by Daniel Wisotsky’s 15 points and Sammy Sokol’s 10. Down 4 in a sloppy first half, SAR switched to a press in the second half and the players’ energy level was raised. Zach Reich provided an incredible spark off the bench, lifting SAR to victory with clutch layups, defensive rebounds, and heady play overall. SAR plays at MTA in the season finale next week and a win would clinch the #1 seed in the conference for the Sting.

Varsity Update

The Heschel Heat went on the road and played three quarters of their best basketball of the year, holding a 44—27 lead over SAR. The Heat did not score a field goal in the fourth quarter and had to withstand an inspired SAR team who scored 25 fourth-quarter points. The Heat did knock down 10 out of 14 free throws in the fourth period, none bigger than sophomore point guard Michael Gatan’s 2 with 7 seconds left in the game to put the Heat up 54—51. The Heat scored 21 first-quarter points led by senior guard Mor Schindler who had 3 threes against the SAR zones (12 points in the quarter) and took a 32—19 lead into the half. They opened it up to 17 after three quarters and though unable to put the ball in the basket, they withstood a great effort by the home team. Senior Sam Lippman had his best offensive game of the year, scoring 18 for Heschel, followed by Schindler with 14 and Gatan with 13 who went 7 for 8 from the line in the fourth quarter. Kibursky and Smith led the fourth-quarter comeback for SAR, scoring 14 and 13 respectively. The Heat are now 8+4 in league play (third place in the division) and 15—7 overall; they look forward to senior night at home in their next game against a very good HAFTR team on January 28, a must-win game if they have any hopes of garnering the second playoff seed.

HANC Girls
On Winning Streak

After all of their hard work and practice, the underdogs of the HANC Middle School girls’ basketball team are on a two-game winning streak! Their first league win was on the road against Brandeis on Saturday night, January 10. It was intense and exciting throughout the whole game; however, HANC was able to pull out a one-point victory with a final score of 26—25.

HANC won their second game on Tuesday, January 13 at home against Flatbush. The girls were eager, confident, and ready to be aggressive for 32 minutes. Daniella Rothman was the leading scorer with 14 points. Halli Fein, Tammy Aryeh, Sarah Oppenheim, and Estee Ackerman all did a great job handling the basketball, and also came up with steals and forced many turnovers on the defensive end. Starting center Ruthie Greenberger contributed with numerous rebounds and blocks. The final score of the game was 22—14.

Congratulations also to Adina Spielman, Shana Lefkowitz, Danielle Ben-Hamo, Gabby Schoenberg, Kayla Sadigh, Shira Sadigh, Chani Zahler, and Tamar Levine. It was amazing to see such a true team effort where every HANC player contributed to the wins. v

Basketball Standings:
Boys’ Middle School

Eighth Grade

Division 1

Flatbush                                                  6—0

Barkai                                                      5—1

YCQ                                                         2—1

MDY                                                        2—2

YDH                                                         1—5

CHY                                                         0—3

SSSQ                                                        0—5

YOH                                                         0—3


Division 2

HAFTR                                                    4—0

HALB                                                      4—2

NSHA                                                      2—1

YHT                                                         2—1

Brandeis                                                  1—3

HANC                                                      1—3


Seventh Grade

HAFTR                                                    6—0

MDY                                                        4—2

HALB                                                      3—3

Flatbush                                                  1—5

NSHA                                                      1—5


Sixth Grade

North Shore                                            6—0

Flatbush                                                  4—1

HAFTR                                                    3—2

YCQ                                                         2—2

MDY                                                        2—2

HALB                                                      2—2

Barkai                                                      2—4

YDH                                                         1—4

YHT                                                         0—5

Boys’ High School


Eastern Division

HAFTR                                                 11—0

DRS                                                       10—2

North Shore                                            9—3

Magen David                                         6—5

YDE                                                         6—6

HANC                                                      5—7

Flatbush                                                  4—8

Derech Hatorah                                   1—12

Rambam                                              1—12


Western Division

Frisch                                                     11—0

TABC                                                      9—3

Heschel                                                    7—4

Ramaz                                                     7—5

Hillel                                                         7—5

JEC                                                           6—6

SAR                                                          3—7

MTA                                                      3—10

Kushner                                                 0—12



Eastern Division

Flatbush                                                  9—0

HAFTR                                                    7—1

North Shore                                            7—2

DRS                                                          4—4

HANC                                                      4—5

Rambam                                                 4—5

Shaare Torah                                         3—5

YDE                                                         3—6

Magen David                                         3—6

Ezra                                                       0—10


Western Division

MTA                                                        7—1

SAR                                                          6—1

Frisch                                                       5—2

Ramaz                                                     5—3

TABC                                                      4—4

Heschel                                                    3—3

JEC                                                           3—6

Kushner                                                   2—7

Hillel                                                         0—8

Girls’ Middle School


YHT                                                         4—1

HAFTR                                                    3—1

North Shore                                            3—2

Flatbush                                                  3—3

Brandeis                                 1—3

HANC                                     0—4


Women Only

HALB                                     4—0

Barkai                                     5—1

YNJ                                         4—2

MDY                                       4—2

YCQ                                        1—2

Bruriah                                   2—5

Shulamith BK                       2—6

Shulamith LI                         0—4

Girls’ High School

Varsity “A”

Eastern Division

Ramaz                                 10—1

Flatbush                                 6—4

HAFTR                                   6—5

North Shore                           4—7

HANC                                     3—6

Heschel                                   1—9

Central                                    1—9


Western Division

Bruriah                                   9—2

SAR                                         8—2

Frisch                                      7—3

Hillel                                        5—5

Maayanot                              5—6

Kushner                                  3—9


Varsity “B”

SKA                                         9—0

Bruriah                                   8—2

Ilan                                          6—3

Shalhevet                               6—5

MDY                                       4—5

Shaare Torah                        1—9

Shulamith                            0—10



Eastern Division

North Shore                           7—2

Flatbush                                 7—2

Central                                    3—5

HAFTR                                   3—5

Ramaz 1—8


Western Division

Maayanot                              8—1

SAR                                         6—1

Frisch                                      5—4

Kushner                                  3—7

Westchester                           0—8

Hockey Standings:
Boys’ Varsity

Eastern Division

HAFTR                                     21

DRS                                           20

HANC                                       15

North Shore                              10

Rambam                                    9

Flatbush                                      7

SSLI                                             4

Magen David                             4


Western Division

TABC                                        20

Ramaz                                      16

SAR                                           15

Kushner                                    15

MTA                                          14

Frisch                                           9

JEC                                              6

Heschel                                       0

Boys’ JV (Through 12/13)

Eastern Division

Rambam                                  18

DRS                                           12

Flatbush                                    12

HANC                                       11

North Shore                                9


Magen David                             8

YDE                                             2

Shaare Torah                             2


Western Division

SAR                                           14

Frisch                                         10

MTA                                          10

TABC                                        10

JEC                                              8

Ramaz                                        7

Hillel                                            4

Westchester                                0

Judah Rhine is co-director of MVP Boys Basketball Camp and has been coaching youth basketball for 30+ years. He can be reached at


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