This past Shabbos, the freshman class of the DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys spent an exciting Shabbat together on the gorgeous grounds of Ohel’s Camp Kaylie in Wurtsboro, N.Y. The annual freshman Shabbaton takes place at the beginning of the school year and is geared to helping new students acclimate to their new experience and forge friendships with new classmates.

On Thursday night, the 90 members of this year’s class, hailing from 12 elementary schools, arrived at Camp Kaylie, where they immediately competed in a shiur vs. shiur Wacky Olympics competition. Following the competition, the students were treated to a late-night barbecue. The night was far from over, as many students joined DRS menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky in the gym and played ball until well past midnight.

On Friday morning, following davening, a short shiur, and a hot breakfast, the freshmen were divided into teams for the annual flag-football tournament. Each team received a DRS T-shirt in its own color.

The Shabbat meals, tefillos, zemiros, and “DRS-style” tisch were lively and spirited, as students bonded with their rebbeim and classmates over singing and bowls of cholent. Students had the opportunity to hear divreiTorah from some of their classmates and all of the ninth-grade rebbeim throughout Shabbos, focused primarily on the topic of new beginnings, and how the new high-school experience relates to the beginning of a new year as Rosh Hashanah approaches.

DRS prides itself on the strong sense of achdus felt throughout the school, and by the time the weekend retreat was over, it was obvious that the new grade will return to school with an elevated feeling of camaraderie.


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