Monday, August 11, 2014

*Jewish Community Demands Honest Answers to Rabbi’s Murder*

As the body of Rabbi Yosef Raksin was laid to rest on Monday, leaders in

the Jewish community expressed commitment to seeing absolute justice

served. Rabbi Raksin was murdered by two black teens as he walked in broad

daylight to morning services at a North Miami Beach synagogue. He was

visiting Miami from New York and was staying with his daughter and


At funeral processions in Miami and Brooklyn, mourners expressed dismay

that the Miami-Dade Police Department was so quick to downplay the

probability of anti-Semitism. Eyewitnesses confirmed there was no

altercation to suggest this was a robbery gone bad. Some have cited a

“Crime by Time” study by Rutgers University professors showing that only 2%

of robberies happen between 9 and 10 am when Yosef was killed, leaving a

98% chance for an ulterior motive. (,_Simple.pdf)

Two weeks ago, swastikas were found spray painted on a synagogue near where

Yosef was murdered. As anti-Israel and anti-Jewish violence sweeps across

cities in Europe, many Jews see other alarming resemblances to

pre-Holocaust Germany.

*New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind released the following statement:*

*With everything that’s going on in the world–with the obvious and

documented increase in anti-Semitic incidents–there is naturally great

concern in the community regarding the tragic murder of Rabbi Joseph

Raksin.  I share this concern. This certainly could be more than a simple

robbery and we shouldn’t be hasty to dismiss the likelihood that this

murder was indeed a hate crime until there is hard police evidence to the

contrary. Rabbi Raksin was clearly identifiable as a Jew–as

a religious Jew–when he was shot and killed. We ask that no one reach any

conclusions until there is conclusive proof.  []*

*Barry Sugar, director of the New York-based Jewish Leadership Council

released the following statement:*

*There are those who are quick to dismiss the possibility of an anti-Jewish

motive. In this case, it is difficult to believe that Yosef’s prayer shawl,

white beard and black coat had absolutely no influence on his murderers.

The headlines all stress that Yosef was a rabbi walking to synagogue

prayers. Who he was and where he was headed are what make his story


*We are very proud of our people’s peaceful contribution to societies

throughout history. We are also very aware of the persecution we’ve

suffered in each of those times and places and we’ll stand up proudly to

protect our rights in this great country of freedom.*

*The least we can do for a murdered man and a mourning family is to follow

the facts until the murderers are caught and the true motive established.*


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