By Elyakim Haetzni

The Left lives on slogans. Ever since the time of the Communist Manifesto, with the ?brilliant catchphrase, “You have nothing to lose but your shackles,” their flock yearns ?for political sayings created by masters of brainwashing and psychological warfare. ?The Israeli Left, for some time now, has not been part of the social or socialist Left. It ?has become bourgeois and rich, but it has not lost its passion for ideology and for ?debate and controversy. Its spiritual homeland is no longer Soviet Russia but ?Palestine, and at the heart of its new argument is not the distribution of wealth but ?the distribution of the land. They also require, as always, someone who they can ?condemn as a reactionary, living in the past, who is the object of their hatred.

?Formerly, it was the contemptible capitalist; in our day it is the relentless settler, and ?the red ideology has been replaced by a new belief — the cult of “peace on our ?enemies’ terms.”?

As is their habit, they found a catchy slogan for their new belief system — “Land for ?peace,” but this slogan now lies buried in the sands of Gush Katif (Gaza), where the ?Israeli public learned that the true quid pro quo for territories is Hamas rule and ?rockets, not peace. But slogans are plentiful and so we have had to endure “Shall we ?forever live by the sword?”, ” A horse and its rider”, “Peace is made with enemies”, ??”Window of opportunity” , “No free lunch “, “The demographic demon” and “Time is ?in favor of the Arabs.” ?

With time, these slogans have worn out because the facts have flown in their faces. ?Now only one slogan remains, to which television’s Channel 10 just devoted a special ?program: the threat that if Israel is not divided, the State of Israel will become ‘a bi-?national state.’ Yossi Sarid, (a well-known journalist and former Knesset member of ?the left) elaborated in that broadcast with the words “the end of the Jewish State” , ?and Meron Benvenisti (a writer and journalist) added, “the train has already left the ?station.” ?

Is this panic justified? If the fear is that the State of Israel will lose its Jewish ?majority, then the question is primarily a demographic one and, in this regard, the past ?years have brought good news. As opposed to the situation in the middle of the last ?century whereby there were, on average, six children more in Arab families than in ?Jewish families, today the Arab family has an average of three children and the ?Jewish birthrate has grown to an equal number. Moreover, the Jewish birthrate is on ?the rise while the Arab birthrate is declining, and the latter is the situation in almost ?the entire Middle East. The trend in Israel is characteristic not only of religious Jews ?but also of the secular population, and this is contrary to the decreasing birthrates …read more
Source: Israpundit


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