Screen grab from “Jerusalem District”

Israeli policemen take their positions during a march by Jewish boys from the Damascus Gate to the Western Wall to mark the 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, May 13, 2018. (Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — An East Jerusalem resident is suing the Israeli police for planting a gun in his home while filming an episode of a reality television show.

“Jerusalem District,” which purports to show the police in real-life situations and is produced by Israel’s public broadcaster, followed a team of officers late last year as they raided Samer Sleiman’s home in the Arab neighborhood of Isawiyah. The episode, which aired late last month, showed policemen finding a rifle. Sleiman was surprised, as he was not charged and the police had told him they had not found anything.

Later it was revealed that the police had planted the weapon after coming up empty-handed. The idea was proposed by a member of the production staff that was accompanying the police and approved by the senior officer present. The police have apologized.

Haaretz reported that the Jerusalem police have been carrying out a daily operation in Isawiyah. Every afternoon, large police contingents enter the village, move through the alleyways and search passersby.


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