East met West last night at Yerachmiel Begun’s latest brainchild in the Miami Boys Choir concert.  To a packed audience of 1400 people in Brooklyn’s Millenium Theatre two separate Miami Boys Choir met and regaled the crowds of music fans music from Eretz Yisroel and music from America.

Apparently, Yerachmiel flew out fifteen boys from Israel for this series of Chol HaMoed concerts, last night, this afternoon and this evening.

Tonight’s concert will be broadcast live in many areas throughout the country (and some people have speculated) possibly even in Eretz Yisroel.

The Nochi Krohn Band began the event.

The Israeli team sang a song that the audience easily identified with Israel.  The American team sang a song identified with America — with a surprise song as well.

Today, the Yalili crew will be there as well.

Albums are for sale both before and after the event and during the ten minute intermission too.

A new talent was introduced last night as well, Orie Shaked, who has a forthcoming album to be released in November.


  1. This article does not to a service to the crowd, as a matter of fact it’s a blatant lie.

    I spent close to 300.00 taking my family to the concert and I really do want my money back.

    The concert (if you want to call it a concert) was a disgrace to Jewish music, a disgrace to the public and shamefully something they will get away with.

    1. The music was a 5-piece band (keyboard, Guitar, Base, Saxophone and drums) including a new band that does not belong on stage. There was no brass instrument, no leadership and no communication whatsoever.
    2. A big part of the show was done with CD-Music as the musicians were faking as they are playing, but did a terrible job.
    3. The sound was terrible
    4. Yerechmiel Begun ran around the stage trying to keep order. The poor kids were not trained even though they sang their hearts out.
    5. The side shows each sang ONE song with music that was scratchy from the CD

    The one bright spot was the “Mizrach” part of the show; they showed some talent (as their young leader from Israel obviously put in the effort to make them look good)

    I would not spend 50 cents to watch this group ever again, on to YBC tonight!

  2. Is this a paid advertisement? Because i was there last night and it was one of the worst concerts I ever went to.

    Many of the songs were song with prerecorded music, Mr. Begun looked lost up there, he was readjusting as he went along and was very far of a full crowd.

    Anyone I spoke to was disappointed

  3. i agree, it was a total disaster, and he will continue doing so because our people are easy to scam and therefore he will get away with it time and time again

  4. I would not go as far as saying it was a rip-off, but it was definitely not worth and i felt like a fool.

    There was not even a real band out there


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