By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Nestled in the heart of Oceanside, within close proximity to the Five Towns, Echoes Antique and Auction Gallery is a veritable treasure trove of stunning items. Affording customers signature service and an unparalleled selection of exquisite pieces, large and small, to enhance every home, this warm, friendly, and highly professional family business is run by Bob, Caroline, and Peter. That this dynamic trio has refined antique auctions to an art, transforming it to an exciting, enjoyable, and eagerly anticipated experience is attested to by their ever-expanding client roster spanning not just the metropolitan area but across the nation.

More than an antiques gallery, Echoes is the premier source for all kinds of unique, high-quality finds. From a breathtaking piece of jewelry or collectible to an entire estate, this is arguably the definitive source for discerning buyers and sellers. At Echo Antique and Auction Gallery you will find new furniture, as well as antiques, fine jewelry, paintings, and collectibles among the many objects of value.

Peerless in providing highly customized service, the owners have earned a sterling reputation for integrity and honesty, with many clients returning for the monthly auctions. That Bob, Caroline, and Peter regard their business as a labor of love is evident in the excellent and congenial rapport they enjoy with each of their clients. Indeed, these gracious individuals regard their customers as family, a philosophy and attitude that is reflected in every transaction. From the moment you enter Echoes’ warm and welcoming environs, which also features a retail section, you will truly feel that you are an integral part of the Echoes experience.

This charming, old-world touch to doing business is also reflected in the quality and presentation of every item featured at Echoes Antique. With meticulous attention to every detail, the owners prepare their merchandise; every item is ready to be cherished by its purchaser. This month’s auction featured properties from Freeport, Glen Cove, Jericho, and Woodmere, with over 150 box lots of hidden treasures.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Echoes Antique and Auction Gallery, for buyers and owners alike, is the element of surprise and excitement that every purchase promises. “We never know what treasure we’re going to uncover,” says Peter. “Quite often, we are just as amazed as the buyer to discover the item they have purchased is extremely valuable, exceeding their purchase price by far.” For Peter, as for Bob and Caroline, bringing these unexpected finds to their clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of the business.

“I enjoy meeting the clients and seeing how delighted they are with the merchandise they buy at our auctions,” Caroline says. “We are always receiving new and unique merchandise–exquisite jewelry, magnificent paintings. We never know what fascinating items will be arriving next. It’s a wonderful, highly rewarding feeling to see the delighted expression on our customers’ faces and to know how happy they are with their purchases from our auctions. It’s gratifying to see so many of them returning time and again to attend our auctions. ”

Bob, Caroline, and Peter cordially invite you to visit Echoes Antique and Auction Gallery and see why a thing of beauty is a joy forever. For further information please e-mail or visit v


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