(JNS.org) Christian Century, a mainline Christian magazine based in Chicago, has
confirmed that it has no plans to remove James M. Wall, an associate editor at
the controversial Veterans News Now (VNN) magazine, from its masthead.

The homepage of “The Christian Century” magazine’s website. Credit: The Christian Century.

According to the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East
Reporting in America (CAMERA), VNN “traffics in ugly anti-Semitic tropes
and imagery,” including several recent pieces that highlighted “Jesus’ Aryan
identity” and a pro-Iran piece titled “Abraham is Not My Father.” The VNN
front page recently featured an article titled “Earth’s alpha predator: Zionist
Mafia” that argued the American public has been “brainwashed by lies” from the

But Rev. Peter Marty, who is listed as
chairman of the Christian Century
foundation’s board of directors on its recent tax documents, cited “freedom of expression” in an email he wrote to CAMERA
confirming that VNN’s Wall will
remain on the Christian Century masthead.

“The board of directors for the Christian Century magazine holds as its
primary objective the advancement of the Century’s print and web
communications,” Mary wrote. “We are proud of our magazine’s publishing
tradition and its consistently thoughtful review of all editorial submissions.
The board does not assume a role in limiting any past or present editor’s
freedom of expression, or in determining what they may publish in other forums.”

Reacting to Mary’s email, CAMERA wrote on its website July 17, “It’s
official. One can serve on an editorial board for an explicitly anti-Semitic
publication and remain on Christian Century’s masthead.”


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Source: JNS.org


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