Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was presented with the “Friend of Zion Award” at the National Council of Young Israel’s Gala Dinner by NCYI President Farley Weiss, Journal and Dinner Coordinator Judah Rhine, and NCYI 1st Vice President Dr. Joseph Frager Photo credit: Ira Thomas Creations

Dr. Joe Frager, a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people. really does not need to be defended, not by us here nor by anyone else for that matter. His words and his actions speak for themselves. However, a recent pseudo journalistic assault on his integrity by The Forward—best known for attempting these potential reputational beat downs—requires some clarity and elucidation.

Here are the facts: Arab Gulf countries are falling over themselves clamoring for attention and recognition by supporters of Israel here in the U.S. as a way of establishing their credentials amongst the civilized and credible nations of the world. It is uncertain whether it is the 5TJT alone that has taken note of this phenomenon, but much of the major shifts that are taking place today on the world stage, have, for the first time, major players involved whose growth and personal development have been fashioned and shaped by a Torah and overall Jewish education.

In brief, the Forward headline reads, “Jewish Gastroenterologist Who Worked As An Agent For An Arab Sheikdom.” Only part of the story is about the fact that the leaders of Qatar strive to move ahead and detach themselves from the Palestinian/Gaza quagmire and move ahead in a new direction of President Donald Trump.

As this and other connected stories in the Middle East unfold, we ae finding yeshiva graduates like Ambassador David Friedman in Israel, negotiator Jason Greenblatt, and first son-in-law, Jared Kushner front and center at the negotiating table. They are joined now by folks with similar backgrounds like Nick Muzin, a former chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz and a registered lobbyist for Qatar, the controversial small oil rich country and supporter of terrorist groups like Hamas. And now Queens resident, Jewish activist, and prominent personality closely identified with Israel, Dr. Frager, enters the fray, so to speak.

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  1. Dr. Frager is the 1st Vice President of the National Council of Young Israel. He entered into a contractual relationship to provide lobbying efforts on behalf of Qatar, a state that supports BDS and Hamas.

    He entered into this relationship without notifying the board or membership of NCYI. He had a fiduciary duty to do so.
    He received $50,000 for being a registered agent of Qatar.

    The whole thing is unseemly.


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