By Larry Gordon

If Israel even needed a reason to annex Judea and Samaria and make it a legal part of the state of Israel this may be it.

Rabbanit Rachel Fraenkel

Rosemary Collyer, a federal court judge in Washington D.C., ordered a lower court to re-adjudicate the award in a lawsuit where Rachel and Avi Fraenkel sought damages from Iran and Syria for the murder of their son, Naftali, murdered by Arab terrorists four years ago. Naftali was one of the “three boys” killed by terrorists from Hebron. Because he was an American citizen, his parents sued the two terror supporting countries here in the U.S.

The shocking thing here is that the judge reduced the damages sought by the Fraenkels for their suffering from $340 million to $4.1 million because as the judge said, Fraenkel was not targeted because he was an American but rather because he was Jewish and Israeli, lived in a community near the Green Line, and went to school in Gush Etzion, beyond the Green Line.

Judge Collyer’s decision is being appealed by the Fraenkels on the basis that not only is it shocking but also absurd that any judge anywhere can say that a killing is somewhat understandable because taking into consideration that they are Jews and chose to live in close proximity to an area additionally prone to terrorist attacks that ended the life of the three boys.

In other words there are circumstances that exist under which it is understandable or acceptable that people are murdered because they are Jews or live in certain areas that some object to.

It was a stunning and wrongheaded decision that will hopefully be reversed on appeal.



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