By Larry Gordon

Forget about that the originally scheduled World Cup soccer match between Argentina and Israel was supposed to be played on Shabbos in Jerusalem. On the surface that was not the reason that the match was cancelled.

Argentinian sports officials said the team did not want to play in Israel as a result of the Palestinian deaths at the Gaza border over the last several months.  They said that the players on the Argentinian team decided not to go forward with the game because of death threats online to the team’s star player, Lionel Messi.

Turns out this was not true either as players said that there was no such decision taken by the team and that cancellation of the match with Israel was decided by the Argentine government.

Lies and deceit are standard operating procedure when it comes to just about anything with the Palestinians, but at the end of the day Thursday sweet justice was served: one of the lowest regarded teams in the World Cup competition — Croatia — defeated Argentina 3-0 in a game played in Russia.

You want to boycott Israel that’s your choice. But just remember there are consequences for every action.

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