Rabbi Marc Schneier and Hassan Al Thawadi.

When I used to read stories about Rabbi Marc Schneier of The Hampton Synagogue and his efforts to establish and foster improved relationships between Jews and Muslims, I could not help but wonder what he was doing, what he was up to, and why in the world would he even bother?

By Larry Gordon

Jews and Muslims were and are at odds. Differences that stem from the dispute that in part emanates from the creation of the state of Israel dating back to 1948 and for many years prior to that time.

Of course it is not negative for there to be some kind of line of communications or even a connection between leaders of these two major religions both here in the U.S. and indeed over there in the Middle East.

Rabbi Schneier spoke to me from Israel on Monday afternoon, just after he returned from a three week tour of the Gulf States. He reported that on this trip he believes some very significant steps have been taken between these Muslim countries with no diplomatic relations with Israel and the Jewish state.

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