By Howard Rotberg

Here is an essay I wrote about Egypt as the Mubarek regime came under attack in the winter of early 2011.  It appeared on the Canadian website at the beginning of February, 2011.  Just think about all the ignorant commentators and politicians who mouthed the idiotic phrase “Arab Spring”.  How many people are being killed as a result of the willful evil of the isolationist and relativist Obama, his Muslim Brotherhood-infiltrated government and the arrogant soft pacifists and multiculturalists who support him?  How dare he equate America’s sense of Justice and Tolerance with that of the Arabs?   Are we so eager for the love of our abusers that we feel compelled to say white is black and black is white? Why didn’t America rise up against him and vote him out of office after his first term?

Not only was I a hundred percent accurate in my assessment, but no mainstream newspaper or magazine would take this piece, including the corrupted National Post whose Jonathan Kay and Barbara Kay have blacklisted me.  Thank goodness for Frontpage Magazine, Pajamas Media,, Canada Freedom Press Journal, Canada Free Press, and the great bloggers like Pamela Geller and Blazing Cat Fur and the others who are all great soldiers fighting against the bizarre cultural relativism promoted by the Academy, the public education system, some of our Judges, the mainstream media and an increasing number of mainstream religious institutions and fat cat NGOs.

Congratulations and thanks are also due to Ezra Levant, who brilliantly picked apart Obama and his responsibility for the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of part of the Middle East, on Canada’s Sun TV last night. Ezra’s work (his show is called The Source) is first-rate. Ezra’s program last evening made me feel, for an hour at least, that we have a chance at winning this war.


Egypt: Freedom for Whom?

By Howard Rotberg

One has a natural sympathy for the Egyptian protesters who bemoan the lack of freedom in Egypt under Mubarek.

But the question must be asked: Is there any significant movement in Egypt to accept responsibility for developing a political culture based on liberalism and constitutional democracy?

Or, in fact, is it likely that the end of the Mubarek regime, if and when it comes, will be accompanied by the same Islamist revolution that has plagued Iran, and those who have been negatively impacted by its proxy Islamist terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah?

Remember that Egypt still has a population of Coptic Christians numbering 8 million out of the total Egyptian population of about 80 million.   This 10% minority has been under attack recently, with, for example, the murder of some 6  Coptic Christians right in their church on the Coptic Christmas eve in January, 2010, and a storming of a Coptic Church by some 3000 Muslims in March.

The Islamist assault on Christians in their midst is widespread.  A little known fact of the war in Iraq is that the end of Saddam Hussein brought the end of the Muslim tolerance for the Iraqi Christian population, …read more
Source: Israpundit


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