More than 1000 Bobov Chasidim travel to Israel from the USA

NEW YORK — February 2, 2015 —EL AL Israel Airlines welcomed the Bobov Grand Rabbi                his wife and more than 1,200 Bobov Chasidim who are travelling from JFK and Newark Liberty International Airports to Israel. The Grand Rabbi will lead a celebration of the opening of a Bobov synagogue in B’Nei Braq/Bet Yam. To honor the new Sefer Torah that will be presented to the synagogue’s leadership, thousands of Chasidim will sing and dance with the Torah on the way to the synagogue.

Worldwide, over 2,000 Bobov Chasidim are expected to partake in this historic trip, which is the first time the Grand Rabbi has traveled with so many Chasidim. Upon departing New York (JFK/Newark), thousands of Chasidim gathered to bid the Grand Rabbi farewell, while more welcomed him at Ben Gurion International Airport. The same is expected on his departure from Israel.

The Chasidim are all served gourmet Regal meals on their EL AL flights. Regal meals contain the highest level of Kosher certification and are available on any EL AL flight from New York (JFK/Newark). These should be ordered at least 24 hours prior to departure and 48 hours for Saturday evening departures.

About EL AL Israel Airlines:
Celebrating more than 65 years of service, EL AL, Israel’s national airline, offers the most nonstop flights between New York (JFK/Newark) and Israel as well as the only nonstop service from Los Angeles. As of June 2015, EL AL launches the only nonstop flights between Boston and Tel Aviv. Only EL AL has first class service on nonstop flights between the U.S.A. and Israel. EL AL flies to more than 35 destinations from Israel and serves dozens of other destinations throughout the world (including the USA) via partnerships with many other leading carriers. The airline has annual revenues of about $2 billion and carries 3.6 million passengers every year.

EL AL embodies Israel’s values of innovation and the promise of a genuine Israeli welcome.
EL AL. It’s not just an airline. It’s Israel.


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