El Al has announced that after the Jewish holiday season, it is “toeing the line with the industry norm”, and that, on November 1, it will raise the price for the second piece of baggage on long-haul flights by 42% to $100 from $70 each way. The measure will affect economy class passengers on flights to North America, the Far East, and South Africa.

El Al said that it frequent flier members will keep their baggage benefit of 140 points each way, and that it will be updated from 140 points to 200 points each way on November 1.

El Al said that it was not changing its excess baggage prices to other destinations.

The new rates are valid for El Al destinations on its own planes, and does not cover code share flights or follow-on destinations with other airlines, for which the baggage policy for the route will apply.

El Al is also raising the fares for upgrades from economy class seats to business class on all destinations. Until now, the upgrade cost $149 or 299 points for frequent flyer club members to short and medium-haul destinations, each way, and $349 or 699 points on long-haul destinations. From November 1, the upgrade to short and medium-haul destinations will be $200 or 400 points each way, and $450 or 900 points to long-haul destinations.

The airline said that this was not an upgrade from economy class to business class, but an upgrade from an economy class seat to a business class seat on flights for which only economy class seats were offered for sale.


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