We are at a crossroads where serious decisions need to be made.  All general elections are important as we choose personalities that best reflect out outlooks and attitudes and the way in which we believe in our hearts government should represent us that is— we, the people.

There are number of pivotal races taking place on Tuesday, November 6 and while they cannot all be addressed here or today there are several we have selected because they are vital and important on a multiplicity of levels.

Locally, from the perspective of this publications home base in the 5 Towns there is the closely watched contest between veteran New York State Democratic Assemblyman, Harvey Weisenberg and his Republican challenger, Dr. David Sussman.

We are supporting the election of Mr. Sussman for a variety of reasons.  First of all, the policies and platforms he is running on are issues that are in particular vital to the burgeoning and vibrant Orthodox Jewish community in the district.

It is time to stop voting for incumbents just because they are incumbents and you may or may not be aware of or familiar with policies or legislation they support that contravenes the essence of what this community or you personally stands for.  This includes support of continuous tax increases on our already overtaxed community, a lack of sensitivity to the unique character of a constituency that shoulders the burden of heavy education taxes while simultaneously also paying unusually high Yeshiva tuitions for children in families that customarily feature four, five or more children.

No one we know is more sensitive or more understand to these issues then Dr. David Sussman.  As a leading member and past president of the Lawrence District school board, David Sussman has fought tenaciously to rein in spending that for periods during his tenure on the board could only be described as being wildly out of control.

Despite the fact that David’s children attended the local schools and indeed excelled and achieved honors over the years, David could not exist or look the other way while a community was being economically exploited and treated unfairly.  If nothing else, if no other issue attracts your attention, there is the matter of paying a debt of gratitude to David Sussman for the great sacrifices he has made—for long periods as a minority voice on the board—in standing up for our community.

There is a unique dimension to the candidacy of Dr. Sussman inasmuch as his campaign is not only about what he proposes and promises to do once he is elected to office.  When viewing the Sussman record over the years, the indisputable fact is that his actions have already saved every family in this very broad school district thousands in tax dollars by taking a stand doing what was and is right.  This is the kind of person we want and need as our representative in Albany particularly during these every contentious and volatile times.

Harvey Weisenberg has served the district well and has always been there and was available when needed.  If any criticism is in order it is that the fact that Mr. Weisenberg seems to always be “automatically” re-elected made him less involved and somewhat removed from the nuts and bolts of the changing needs of this assembly district.

That’s why we urge our readers to vote for David Sussman for the New York State Assembly on the Republican, Conservative and Tax Revolt line on November 6.


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