In 1943, Winston Churchill declared in the US Congress, “In ashes they must surely lie before peace comes to the world”. The “they” were the Japanese and Germans. He received a standing ovation. In those days the concept of good and evil, victory and defeat still meant something.

That was before the current tyranny of “moral relativism” and “Newspeak”. Significantly, that was also before the threat was perceived to be limited solely to Jews and the Jewish state.
No doubt we are living in a world of dizzying change and upheaval.

Former superpowers are quietly taking second and third seats to world upstarts.
The European continent is quickly shedding its veneer of reconciliation with the Jewish people. The Jewish state can do no good. Cornered in the arena of world opinion she gasps on the ropes for air as the crowd lustily jeers and calls for the knockout blow.

Anything that sounds too favorable to keeping Jews alive sounds offensive – and the last thing that a Jew or the Jewish state wants is to offend somebody…
Anti semitism has a high recidivism rate and Europe is returning to its no fault mode of Jew hating. At one time it was cloaked in theology, then economics, race and now politics, but its the same bloke in a different cloak..
It is something that we can not fix. We will not win anyone’s love. We might as well win their respect.

As far as the Arabs go, it is only their despair that can bring hope for peace – as Churchill explained to the Congress.
Israel’s Left continually bemoans our destiny of “living by the sword” and refuses to accept it. Any and every concession is better than that fate… They insist on seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (Did Neville Chamberlain say that?).
The truth is that the only way Israel can avoid living permanently by the sword is to convey convincingly to our enemies (yes enemies, not adversaries ) that they have the resolve to do exactly that.

Since the shock of the 1973 Yom Kippur war, defeatism has dominated many Israeli decision makers. After Israel permitted the Arabs to strike the first blow in order to allow them to regain their “bruised honor”, Israel has been looking over its shoulder with trepidation ever since.

Appeasing anything that moves is not an alternative to the simple truth.Sometimes when all else fails the truth is the last alternative.
The very first victims of this policy is the Israeli populace. They must be most confused people on earth. Can they even know which parts of their beloved land they are supposed to love? Here today gone tomorrow. Land for promises is the only rational option way we are told by our elites.

We have too much land. We must share it with those who honor our murderers.
This Newspeak dominates the press, academia and the literate.

However, the Jewish masses of Israel are not buying it as before. Events do eventually have an effect.

More are realizing that Arabs don’t hate Jews because of any “territories” or the Jewish state but rather that hate Israel because of the Jews. It is becoming simpilar. More are understanding that Arab misery has nothing to do with what Jews do but rather that Arabs are miserable because of their culture of hate. More Jews are getting it: Arab culture does not recognize good and evil, just strong and weak.

As the election count down begins, it is interesting to see how the former established Left parties are desperately scurrying to the “Center” not to be identified with an increasingly isolated and despised Left that has literally put guns in the hands of our enemies . As more families join the ist of terror victims, worn out slogans like, “The New Middle East”(Shimon Peres) or “One makes peace with enemies , not friends” (Shimon Peres) or “the price of peace, describing Jewish terror victims(Shimon Peres) or “History is not important” (Shimon Peres), etc…are no longer working.

We are in a long painful reawakening process.

This has all of course been foreseen by our prophets and sages. It is a thrilling period, but not for the weak kneed.
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