It was a great slogan at the Democratic National Convention in August that seemed to sum it up and say it all.  “General Motors is alive and Osama bin Laden is Dead.” But last week a revised or reworking of that intriguing slogan emerged and it goes like this: “GM is alive, Osama is dead and so it our ambassador to Libya.”

World leaders were gathered in New York this week at the UN annual General Assembly meetings.  Garnering the most attention, of course, is the Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmidinajad whose party of some 140 Iranians is staying at the Warwick Hotel in the City.  It’s something between a quirk of fate and Divine intervention but the Iranian leader ended up spewing his anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatefulness on Yom Kippur afternoon.  At least the Israeli delegation at the UN did not have to walk out when Ahmidinajad rose to the rostrum to speak—they weren’t there to begin with.

Most of the diplomats will be in New York through the weekend to perhaps catch a Broadway show and take in some of the cities better restaurants.  Everyone needs some down time and an opportunity to take a break.  Listen, threatening to blow up most of the world with nuclear bombs can be tiring, even exhausting and pressure filled work.

President Obama was in town too earlier in the week.  He spoke at the UN on Tuesday.  After that following last week’s appearance on Late Night with David Letterman on CBS-TV, the president appeared on “The View” on NBC-TV where he was interviewed by comedian Whoopi Goldberg amongst other TV land notables.  The White House though announced that due to the presidents busy schedule he would not have time to meet with any world leaders.   His campaign aid, Robert Gibbs, said on Fox News on Sunday that the president really did not have to meet with any of the world leaders in New York and that he can always talk to them over the phone.  And that’s a great idea.  Why not scuttle this whole UN General Assembly enterprise and just have the world leaders talk to one another on their phones?   That’s just what we need at this point in time, a president that phones it in.

Also in New York this week, the Palestinian Finance Minister said that the two state solution is in serious jeopardy.  He said that if the Palestinian Authority does not get an immediate infusion of $400 million, the Authority would go broke and that would be the end of the peace process.  I’m not sure what the connection is between the two.  Maybe he meant that if they can’t pay their employees that don’t too much to begin with, they will have nothing to do but to go out in their spare time and resort to terrorism.  Is that the threat?  Do I understand this correctly?

And yes, also last week, the head of the political wing of Hamas, Khalid Mashaal announced that he was retiring as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization bent on Israel’s destruction with a particular focus on murdering Jews and gloating about it.  What does it really mean when a chief international terrorist retires? Does this mean that he goes out on the speaking circuit?  Or does he become a terror consultant to smaller and more inept radical governments or terror groups or does he cash in by writing a “tell all” book?

These are exciting times. The elections are just a little over five weeks away.  The Democrats seem to have an edge because they are maneuvering the idea of this presidential election away from the real life and death situation that it really is and turning it into just another reality TV show.

The Democratic hope seems to be that American voters will judge and decide  who should be the next leader of the free world in much the same way that contestants are scrutinized and studied on America’s Got Talent or The Voice.  It sometimes seems that they have maneuvered this potentially earth shattering contest into who is the guy that blurts out the most pith or cogent sound bite.  Or maybe it’s the man with the brightest smile or the best coiffed look about him.  It’s sophomoric and ridiculous and Americans should be smarter and more aware of what is at stake here.  But too many of us are just not.

On Monday night the 5 Towns Jewish Times hosted an event in our offices in an attempt to boost the candidacy of Republican candidate for Congress in Queens, Dan Halloran.  Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island), Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in Congress and the senior member if the New York Congressional delegation was the guest speaker.

Both Mr. Halloran and Mr. King were sensational and on the mark in their presentations.  Halloran is running against Democrat Grace Meng who is the favorite, at this point in the race.  She is favored for no logical reason other than this is a traditional Democratic district in Queens that for decades was represented by the hopelessly liberal Representative Gary Ackerman.  Today Halloran is a member of the New York City Council.  He is one of four Republicans in the chamber of 51 members.  He was elected in this Democratic district once—he can indeed be elected again.

Congressman King, I can report, in his capacity as Homeland Security Chairman is not pleased with the fashion in which the Obama administarion is running or trying to run this country.  He said that the security infrastructure of the US will be facing serious and dramatic economic cutbacks in a second Obama administration.   How can anyone be in favor of that? How can anyone vote for that?

In a bit more than a month we will be not only casting our votes for President but voting for what we want the future of the United States to look like and become.   Do we want the US to continue being fueled by the free enterprise system that communicates to people committed to dream and work hard the message that anything is possible here.  Or do we want to turn our country into a facsimile of a European welfare state.  By the way most of those states with those economic philosophies are either bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy.  That’s not a good or pleasant position to be in.

Prime Minister Netanyahu left Israel after the Yom Kippur fast and arrived in New York on Thursday morning.  His message to Israel prior to his departure was to look back at history at all those despots and cruel kings that set their sights on the destruction of the Jews and more recently, Israel.

The history books state it quite clearly.  Those who sought to destroy Israel—the ancient or the modern variety—have themselves experienced destruction, eradication and disappearance from the scene.  While it is not a pleasant situation for Jews or Israel to be in, the fact is that the likes of Mr. Ahmadinajad may not feel it now or today, but their situation is far worse.

Netanyahu said a lot of things at the UN on Thursday.  The gist of what he said can be easily summed up by just watching him stand there before he even utters his first words.  The message in the immediate aftermath of the global Yom Kippur observance is—Am Yisrael Chai—the nation of Israel lives.

Ed Note: Due to the Sukkos yom tov we will not be publishing an edition of the 5TJT next week.  The next issue will be available on Friday, October 12th.  Chag Sameach to all.  


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