Where can we turn to address all of our needs, even the minute details of our lives? What would be a most coveted acquisition in today’s day and age of volatility and uncertainty? Who can we turn to, in order to give us peace of mind as we navigate the trials and tribulations of life?

There are so many helpful organizations and initiatives in our community that can point us in the right direction. For any area of concern that you may have, there is sure to be an individual or group committed to helping you navigate. There are even some excellent one-stop organizations where you can take all of your areas of uncertainty for help and guidance. These kind and caring people can alleviate so much pain and anguish.

Although these outside means may be necessary, the securest way of dealing with life’s challenges is by addressing them from within oneself. Each of us understands our own needs, tendencies, and weaknesses better than others. By reaching into our own hearts and minds, we can understand why we feel the way that we do and what needs to be done in order to best address the challenge. The Eliezer Institute, a project of Priority‑1 established by Westwood Realty Associates, was created to help instill within each individual a means of security, comfort, and influence.

The word Eliezer is translated as “Hashem, my helper.” We must view Hashem, in all of His greatness, as the source of the fulfillment of all of our needs and desires. This is necessary for us to have peace of mind. This is vital to rid ourselves of worry. This is essential for us to accomplish our goals in life. The Eliezer Institute hopes to, with Hashem’s help, guide us all to reach that coveted goal, by guiding us to instill in ourselves a true sense of bitachon, trust in Hashem.

Awareness of our Chazal’s insights into what bitachon is and what it can accomplish is necessary to go through life with serenity and happiness. Far too often, although we know in our minds that Hashem is in complete control of everything, the ideas get lost in the daily shuffle. We must continuously make ourselves aware of the love that Hashem has for us, the absolute control and focus that He has on our lives, and the ability that we have to request of Him all that we need and desire–and trust Him to help.

For this reason, the Eliezer Institute disseminates weekly e‑mails which present a Torah perspective and Torah-based methods of developing deeper appreciation for Hashem’s intimate involvement in every aspect of our lives and realizing the power of bitachon. It also offers approaches to strengthening the basics of the Torah belief system, emunah, which is the foundation for having bitachon.

Understanding the insights of Chazal regarding the power of bitachon is not enough to create a true sense of appreciation of Hashem’s involvement in our lives. We must see the work of bitachon come to fruition outwardly, in order to bring it to life. Witnessing it in other people’s lives can enlighten us to Hashem’s intimate involvement that is going on in our lives. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to spread the magnificent stories of bitachon and hashgachah pratis that have materialized in individuals’ lives.

In addition, the institute offers lectures, seminars, and workshops which guide its participants to not only appreciate the power of bitachon themselves, but also provide approaches to influencing their children to recognize and internalize these ideas.

To sign up to receive the weekly e‑mail, or to bring a seminar to your community or shul, e-mail theeliezerinstitute@gmail.com or call 516-295-5700, ext. 102. v


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