Jon Pritikin at SHS


Inspiration is essential in a person’s life. It is something that helps motivate people to overcome challenges. Motivational speakers convey important and applicable information and teach ways to achieve change. This is especially applicable in Elul, as we get closer to Rosh Hashanah.

Shulamith High School students were enthralled during Jon Pritikin’s presentation, showcasing his physical and mental strength. Students knew this speech would be different when he opened up by rolling a metal skillet! As a Guinness Book record-holder (“The Tightest Circumference of Two Aluminum Frying Pans Rolled Together with His Bare Hands in Less than 30 Seconds”), Pritikin’s brawn is obvious. As soon as he began telling his story, his steadfast perseverance and admirable grit became clear as well. Focusing on the importance of showing kindness, Pritikin’s story reached all ears. “Everyone can be a hero,” Pritikin said while encouraging students to be thoughtful and inclusive. Shulamith is grateful to the Krinsky family for sponsoring Mr. Pritikin’s visit.

Only two days later, renowned speaker Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker of Michlalah Seminary spoke to SHS students. Mrs. Schoonmaker’s focus was relatable, discussing topics like feeling left out and friendship rifts. While discussing lashon ha’ra, Mrs. Schoonmaker brought up the importance of setting realistic and reachable goals. “Rosh Hashanah is a time when we are reminded to internalize that Hashem is the center of the world,” Mrs. Schoonmaker concluded.

Finally, on Monday night, SHS students and their parents — as well as middle division students and parents — were invited to hear Mrs. Sivan Rahav-Meir speak on teshuvah in the age of new media. Interesting and engaging, Mrs. Rahav-Meir told her teshuvah story and insight into Elul. Even Israeli politics was touched upon! “I actually really liked it,” one eighth-grader remarked. After she left, a group of tenth-graders asked if they could meet with her. “We really want to talk to her more!” they exclaimed.

With an upcoming trip to daven Shacharit on the beach, visits to Ohel and HASC, and the launching of daily davening inspirations, SHS ensures that students are inspired!


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