Seri Diamond-Zamir, Meir Kay, and Malka Husarsky


On August 15, Shabbat Nachamu, Emunah welcomed Benny Friedman to Vacation Village to fill the room with light! It was an incredible concert attended by over 350 people to benefit Emunah’s children-at-risk in Emunah’s five residential homes in Israel.

To kick off the evening, Meir Kay, an Internet personality best known for his vlogs on YouTube, and his social media presence with upwards of one million followers, was the MC for the evening. Meir exuded his signature positivity and energy, getting the crowd pumped up for the concert.

Emunah Past National President Marcia Genuth, National President Johanna Guttmann Herskowitz, Past National Presidents Charlotte Dachs and Heddy Klein, Meir Kay, and Benny Friedman.

Benny sang his greatest hits. For his signature song, “Ivri Anochi” (I am a Jew and Proud), the children attending the concert were invited to join Benny and Meir on the stage to sing along and dance. Johanna Guttmann Herskowitz, Emunah national president, said, “Emunah has been doing an event at Vacation Village every summer for over 30 years. We are grateful to the Vacation Village Board for supporting Emunah and giving us the opportunity to raise the necessary funds needed to help break the cycle of distress for children in Israel.”

VIP concert-goers enjoyed a delicious buffet catered by R&Z Kosher Smoked Meats. In addition to the fabulous food, there were fantastic boutiques featuring some of the best names in Jewish fashion, accessories, and more! Emunah thanks Elan Kornblum of Great Kosher Foodies and Shiloh Winery for helping to sponsor the wine-tasting.

This event would not be possible without our incredible event chairs Malka Husarsky and Seri Diamond-Zamir, the volunteers at Vacation Village, and the ticket sellers for their tireless efforts to help make the concert a huge success. To support Emunah projects, visit


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