By Michele Justic

“What am I getting for Chanukah?” Instead of the tune of Maoz Tzur, for many families this question has been hanging in the air for a few weeks. Parents would love to teach a different way but in a consumer society focused on gifts, what can they do?

Malky Weinstock, author of the LITE Girl series, which focuses on the middos-centered adventures of Yael, has come to teach our children the importance of family values and thinking of others rather than being focused on themselves. In her third book/CD, Yael Becomes a Giver–look for it in bookstores now–Yael excitedly anticipates her birthday. Like most children her age, Yael thinks of the cake and gifts that come with the special day. It is a story we can all relate to. Thankfully, this one has a twist: important people in Yael’s life teach Yael to think of others’ happiness and Yael sees that this actually makes her more happy.

Parents will certainly love the message but children will fall in love again with Yael, who is beautifully illustrated once again by Steve Pileggi. As in Yael’s Loving World and New Shoes For Yael, Pileggi creates a beautiful yet tzniyusdik world that will have children flipping pages over and over. The LITE girl song, composed by Mattisyahu Brown and sung by Rachel Ravvits, as well as the story read-a-long, keeps the fun going long after parents have finished story time.

Ms. Weinstock explains, “The song also shares the joy and reward one feels from giving in child-friendly terms: ‘Better than candies, better than playgrounds, better than all my toys.’ What greater gift can we give our children in this ‘me-first’ culture than endowing them with the value of becoming a giver, not just a getter, during this gift-getting season?”

Ms. Weinstock concludes, “My vision is to empower young girls to become the women and mothers of tomorrow’s generation who will make the world a better place. Women are the backbone of the home, raising and influencing the next generation.”

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