Jewish media industry bigwigs took to Twitter this week calling for disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to have his Hebrew birthright yanked after his now infamous racist comments, revealed late April in a published recording.

Entourage producer Doug Ellin posted, “After the owners vote Donald Sterling out of the NBA i would like to lead the vote to revoke his right to be a Jew.”

Relaying similar sentiments, Jewish USA Today sports writer Nate Scott said that during a recent Sterling interview he yelled at his television screen saying, “Just stop Sterling. Stop implicating us with you.”

Music industry producer Doug Davis, son of legendary record mogul Clive Davis, told his Twitter followers he was “disgusted” that another member of his own tribe would say Jews are superior to blacks. He added, “I wish we could vote him out too.”

“Donald Sterling apologizes, asks for forgiveness & says he’s entitled to make mistake. Is it an apology if he felt entitled to do it?” Davis also wrote on Twitter, referring to Sterling’s recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where the Clippers owner apologized for his racist remarks. “If Donald Sterling feels entitled to forgiveness (his words), then I completely question the authenticity of his apology.”

DJ Sub Zero posted a message to Sterling on behalf of Jews around the world.

“#Donaldsterling DO NOT put us into your bulls***. We are not like you. Don’t create dramas between black ppl and us .Sincerly. Jewish people.”

Jewish radio personalities also sought to disown Sterling. Todd Schnitt, host of the nationally syndicated Schnitt Show, said American Jews should “toss” Sterling out of the “Jewish League.” He added that Sterling is “doing serious damage to Jewish Americans.”

Jenny Hutt, SiriusXM radio host of Whatever, said she was offended to hear Sterling purport to speak on behalf of Jews. She tweeted, “Please #DonaldSterling DON’T SPEAK for the jewish people… PLEASE!!!”

Sterling received a lifetime ban from the NBA and a $2.5 million fine from the league for his racist remarks. His ability to remain the owner of the Clippers will be determined by the NBA’s other 29 owners, who are expected to vote on the matter, ESPN reported on Tuesday. A 75 percent majority is needed to fire Sterling. In the interim, the league has made Dick Parsons the CEO of the franchise.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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