During the winter, work was completed to link the existing eruv from “Back” Lawrence to the Village of Woodsburgh, the Five Towns Eruv committee reported. The extension along Railroad Avenue, through the Woodmere Country Club, will allow residents of both areas to carry necessary items on Shabbos and will “fill” a gap in the coverage of the Five Towns Eruv, said Yitzi Stern, president of the Five Towns Eruv.

“This is a milestone for the Five Towns Eruv and the entire Orthodox community of the Five Towns,” said Stern. The committee has sought to create the Railroad Avenue extension for many years, but was unable to obtain the necessary permissions to run along the narrow street thought the golf course of the Woodmere Country Club. Over the past year, the circumstances changed and the eruv committee moved forward to complete the project.

The Five Towns Eruv would like to thank Rabbi Kenneth Hain of Congregation Beth Sholom of Lawrence, who, together with Lawrence Deputy Mayor Michael Fragin, facilitated the meetings with the ownership of the Woodmere Country Club to spearhead the project. Mayor Lee Israel of Woodsburgh and the Woodsburgh Board of Trustees assisted the Five Towns Eruv with permits and inspections. Robert Weiss and Ephraim Gerszberg of the Woodmere Country Club graciously gave the Five Towns Eruv use of the club’s land to construct the extension.

One important reminder to the community. This Eruv extension is a corridor that covers the roadways of Railroad Avenue and Rutherford Lane only. Neither side of the street is within the Eruv. Always remember to consult the fivetownseruv.org website for more details.


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