By Annette Amelia Mandis

For thousands of years,

Jews, persecuted by Gentiles

Suffered wounds, death, tears,

Across civilizations, countless square miles.

However, unbelievably, children, women, men,

Were expelled from villages no one

can now restore,

In Gush Katif, by own countrymen.

Where’s our inner-core?

Left, right, in-between,

Let’s be crystal clear, not confuse,

What’s happening on Israeli scene,

Aren’t we all Jews?

Some leftists, still truly believing in Oslo accords,

Fatigued, numerous wars, risking all,

chance of peace,

Any hopeful shred willingly moving towards,

So fighting terrorism may finally cease.

Objectively, can’t recall any country giving in,

After winning land for war,

Some consider it weakness, others sin,

Let’s stop this now, enough, NO MORE!

Seeking elusive peace, but at what cost?

Now discussing returning Yehuda,

Shomron, truly alarming!

Are we Jews so totally lost,

Blindly obeying, not considering

whether healing or harming?

Have we still learned nothing from past?

Whenever Israel gives in, Arab demands increase,

Terrorism multiplies pace, fast,

Instead of providing promised peace.

Let’s make no mistake,

Can’t afford seeing each other as rival,

Understanding what’s truly at stake:

Israel and world Jewish survival.

While right possess religious belief,

One hand must hold another,

Left wishes peaceful relief,

Truly becoming each other’s brother.

Whether leaning ideologically left, right,

Aren’t we all Yidden?

Keeping belief, hope in sight,

United, strength emerging, previously hidden.


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