Palestinian stone throwers. Courtesy: Wiki commons

Many in the European Parliament simply don’t know the facts about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When you present data, and especially when you bring them to the field, their automatic support for the Palestinians begins to be shaken.

Asaf Gabor,
Middle East and Terrorism..

In the entrance to the luxurious building that houses the European Union, the aide of Dr. Fiorello Provera from Italy was waiting for us. Dr. Provera is the deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and up until a year ago, Provera was one of the members of parliament who spoke routinely about returning occupied territories and the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the ’67 lines as part of a “two states for two peoples” solution. He supported the routine transfer of monies to the PA, and all he knew about Israel is that it is a Western style state that has a seacoast, pretty models and noisy discotheques.

Palestinian stone throwers. Courtesy: Wiki commons

He made the “mistake of his life” when he agreed to free up ten minutes of his time for a visit to Samaria. The head of the Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, and his deputy, Yosi Dagan, took him straight from the airport to the community of Peduel. After a journey of about 20 minutes, [from the high vantage point of Peduel], he could almost touch the wheels of the jet that was descending for a landing in Ben Gurion Airport. This clear demonstration, in addition to the view from Elon Moreh to the center of the country on one side and to Jordan on the other side, is called “the illustration of the narrow waist of the state of Israel” in the strategic unit of the regional council .

Provera, a warm and congenial fellow with an Italian temperament, cleared the rest of his day for an extended tour, and ever since then he has served as a pivotal figure of the Samaria Regional Council in Europe. He brought the Italian boycott on products from the settlements to an end, and also hosted a delegation of winery owners from Samaria in Northern Italy. Now he sits with Mesika and Dagan at the table. The two of them draw up diagrams, charts and plans to fight the boycott and de-legitimization of Israel.

As a first step, it was decided to create a network of members of the European Parliament who are supporters of Israel. “It is clear to us that the European Union is a captive of the Palestinians. The Palestinians invest much more effort in hasbara* than we do, and I’m not talking only about the Regional Council of Samaria, but the state of Israel in general. Many members of parliament want to appease the Arab population in their countries so they do the safe thing and support the Palestinians”, says Yosi Dagan. “We don’t delude ourselves that we can win over the European Union, but undoubtedly, with the help of the friends that we are acquiring, we can bring up problematic points and questions …read more
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