As she has done every summer for the last decade, Mrs. Baila Sebrow, shadchan and 5TJT columnist, proudly presents the annual “Evening of Elegance Barbecue Banquet” in Lawrence next week, Sunday, August 25, for frum singles, specifically geared for ages 24–38, starting at 6:30 p.m. The evening will feature a gourmet catered barbecue banquet, entertainment, wine bar, raffles and prizes, a quality guest list, and, most importantly, interactive programming with skilled, sincere shadchanim and facilitators who follow up to make sure that the attendees will have dates with those they meet at the event.

What makes this renowned event uniquely successful for shidduchim is that it is purposely designed in a manner that singles can meet one another in a dignified way. An advocate for singles, Mrs. Sebrow handpicks the shadchanim and confers with them even after the event about each attendee and how they can be assisted to find their bashert. To date, every event has thus far, baruch Hashem, produced shidduchim.

This exclusive evening for singles will, iy’H, take place at the home of Naomi and Mark Rubin, 250 Ocean Avenue in Lawrence. The event is l’zecher nishmas Dovid Shmuel ben Yosef Mordechai, z’l, David Sebrow, who in his short lifetime was involved in many chasadim, especially shidduchim. Proceeds of the event will benefit Tomchei Shabbos. Admission is $36. For further information and reservations, please contact Baila Sebrow at 516-849-5863 or email


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