Inclusive club at Shulamith


The eighth-graders in Shulamith School for Girls were asked the question: “What does integration and inclusion (with kids with other needs) mean to you?” The following are some of the answers received:

  • “Welcoming everyone no matter where they come from.”
  • “It means including others and making them feel that they are one of you and not different.”
  • “Having everyone feel like they belong.”
  • “Making everyone feel like they are special and unique.”

The question stemmed from a recent basketball game where students Adina Baum and Miriam Schreier made a point of inviting other girls from the neighborhood instead of just their regular group. The game was a turning point for the Shulamith girls as they learned a new definition of friendship. Adina and Miriam recognized a need and reached out to their classmates for help.

The group meets bimonthly and continues growing. The eighth-graders have befriended girls ages 12+ and run programs that are conducive to the age bracket. The most recent event took place in Gourmet Glatt Woodmere where the girls held a photo scavenger hunt. Gourmet Glatt was super-supportive and made each girl feel special about participating.

Integration is a key component to lifelong friendships, and Shulamith eighth-graders are proud representatives. For more information, please contact


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