Drills, hammers, and screws are making their way towards Jewish porches across town. Forget those. Sukkah-building should no longer involve sore fingers and bruised elbows. With Leiters, building a sukkah is a cinch–a project even children can pull off in almost no time, using nary a screw.

You recognize the trademark Leiters panels from afar, customized to fit every odd-shaped patio or deck. The strong walls have famously withstood countless violent storms that have blown other ordinary sukkos away. The name Leiters has become synonymous with quality and lifetime durability.

Don’t you want a sukkah that is easy to assemble, looks beautiful, and will hold up even in the most brutal of winds, year after year? Now is the time to make your purchase.

Remember all those beams you frantically positioned to hold up your shaky panels in the past? Remember the hours of drilling and hammering? And after all that, you were still holding in your breath when the winds began to howl.

This year is the next year of last year when you said, “Next year, we’re getting a Leiters sukkah.” Try it, and Sukkos will be a whole new experience for you and your family.


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