Brandeis fourth graders worked together to create a parallel circuit

Let There Be Light!

Brandeis students in fourth grade were challenged to create light. They were given a light bulb, two insulated wires, two battery stands, and bulb socket. Students determined that there was no way they could get the light bulb to light up without a power source. Once given the battery, students set out to light up the room. They each created a series circuit. Having met the first challenge, they then joined with their peers to create parallel circuits and continued exploring until all teams connected. Not only did the bulbs light up, but so did their eyes and smiles.

Environmentalists At Brandeis

After reading books on environmentalists and the environment students spent four days at TEVA, an environmental camp. They learned a great deal about reducing, reusing, recycling, and rethinking. Back at Brandeis, they finished Literacy Circle with a major writing piece, letters to government representatives who could help make a difference. Some students have already received responses.



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