By Faygie Nachman

Do you ever have food left over from a simcha? From a Shabbos? Or just from the week? Bought the wrong flavor and can’t return it? Food almost expired? Don’t eat that anymore and still have cans or boxes of it at home? The Five Towns/Far Rockaway Extra Food WhatsApp group needs you!

Is there a family member who is ill and can’t work? Are you too tired to make dinner tonight? Do you have a large family and welcome extra food? All are welcome to join. Five Towns/Far Rockaway Extra Food WhatsApp group needs you!

The rules are simple:

  1. If you are posting about extra food, be as specific as possible:
  2. Homemade or not
  3. How many days it will stay fresh
  4. Why you’re not using
  5. What town you’re in
  6. Post your name for kashrus and other reasons
  7. Take a picture of the food and post
  8. If you are welcoming the extra food posted, please personal message that person.

Posts can be simple or more elaborate. Some examples of recent posts are:

“I have gluten-free crackers, cookies, snacks…”

“12 cans chunk light tuna in water. Pick up in Woodmere.”

“6 bottles of assorted Kewpie salad dressing.”

“Have about 20 mini trifles, a dozen bagels, container of egg salad, Costco dairy cookies (about dozen), Costco dairy brownie bites (almost the whole container). Dozen Beigel mini black-and-white cookies. All from this morning. Located in Cedarhurst.”

“I have 2 big boxes of apples in front yard…”

“There are 2 large tins of pasta: fettuccine alfredo and penne a la vodka (unopened) from a simcha that was last night. From Gotta Getta Bagel. I would love to share it. Pick up in Cedarhurst.”

Please join in! As one participant said, “It’s good for all sides!” To join the Five Towns/Far Rockaway Extra Food WhatsApp group, please send a text message to 732-404-7909 with three words only—“extra food group”—and the link will be sent to you.

Please feel free to start an Extra Food WhatsApp Group in your community. Monsey Extra Food WhatsApp and Flatbush/Boro Park Extra Food WhatsApp have joined the family. Please message the above phone number if you wish to join either of those groups as well, and specify which group you want to join.


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