Facebook is set to launch its own search  engine to take on Google, it was claimed today.

The firm is due to make a major announcement  tonight, asking journalists to attend its US HQ to ‘see what we’ve been  building’.

Online rumours have claimed everything from a  mobile phone to an internet telephone service is set to be revealed – with the  latest rumours claiming we will see ‘Facebook Search’ unveiled.

According to website Pocket-Lint, the move is  a ‘no brainer’ for Facebook.

Although exact details of how the  new  search engine will work remain unclear for now, we have been told  that the  social network is planning to launch a big new ‘search feature’ on the site  ‘very soon’, one that will shake everything up,’ the site  claimed.

Facebook already offers a basic search  feature on its site, allowing users to look for ‘people, places and  things’.

However, it is believed tonight’s  announcement could see this dramatically upgraded.

‘If Facebook were to allow users to  quickly  search the social network and beyond for example, it could cause major headaches  for Google: the new feature would give Facebook users a reason to bypass Google  altogether,’ said Pocket Lint.

‘This could do very well,’ Stuart Miles of Pocket Lint told  MailOnline.

A lot  of people are used to Facebook, and I think it’s a no-brainer.

‘Google has tried to get into social with  Google+, and the two areas go together.’

Mr Miles also warned Facebook would need to  tread carefully around privacy, but said: ‘As long as Facebook doesn’t touch  settings, users will not be worried’.

The new feature is expected to be made  available within hours of tonight’s announcement.

Some experts also believe Facebook could  reveal a mobile phone.

The firm has been rumoured several times to  be developing its own phone.

Its apps for existing phones have already  been expanded to include many features found in other handsets, such as  messaging and photo sharing through the recent purchase of Instagram.

Recent reports claim it has poached engineers  from Apple’s iPhone and iPad team to work on the project, which is believed to  be being built by HTC.

The social networking giant has also  previously collaborated with HTC to  launch the ChaCha and Salsa phones with a dedicated  Facebook button and deep  integration of the social network.

However, it is believed the new handset could  be fully Facebook branded, and run far more of the firm’s software than any  other handset.

Source: The Daily Mail


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