How many of us still wonder what we want to be when we grow up? High-schoolers aren’t always given the opportunity to evaluate career choices during their teen years, but the sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the Stella K. Abraham High School High School for Girls were more fortunate! At SKA’s career day, held on Tuesday, January 1, students heard from mothers and alumnae showcasing the work they do, giving girls a chance to learn about different professions and an understanding of what it means to be an Orthodox Jewish woman in today’s workplace.

The guest speaker, Mrs. Marjorie Glatt, spoke of her work as a rebbetzin, lawyer, and matchmaker, all while raising a Jewish family. She exhorted the girls to determine what their passion is when deciding on a career, and painted a realistic picture of working outside the home as an Orthodox Jewish woman.

The students were then able to select three out of eighteen career rooms to visit, each with two or three professionals who gave an overview of their work. Workshops on interview skills and résumé-writing were informative, and a special session on being Orthodox in the workplace was of much interest too.

Thanks go to Dr. Tzipora Meier, SKA principal, grades 11—12, Mrs. Sheri Hammer, Mrs. Naomi Nachman, Mrs. Elaine Steinmetz, Mrs. Jan Wernick, and their committee members for a very enlightening morning! v


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